Sugar IC45

Country of origin:  
Unit price:
Loading port:  
Port of destination:  
Shipping schedule:  
Bags 50 Kg
1.800.000 MT (metric tonelade)
Buyer choice
150.000 MT x 12 months



Polarity at 20ºC:
Sulphated ash content:
Magnetic particles:
99,80º Minimum
0.04% masimum by wright
0,06% maximum by wright
mg/kg 4
100% dry % free flowing
0,55 – 0,70 Am/mm
Color 45 attenuation indes units (method #10-1978) Maximum AS: 1 P.P.M.
Brillant white
Reducing sugar:
Heavy metals:
Toxic elements:
Pesticide traces:
Microbiological limits: 
0,010% Maximum in dry mass
Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine SO2: mg/kg 70
Maximum mg/kg basis Arsenic 0,50 Cadmium 0,05 Copper 1,00 Lead 1,00
Mercury 0,01 Zinc 3,00
Maximum mg/kg basis DDT 0,005 Photoxin 0,01 Hexacloran Gamma Isomer 0,005
Phatogenic bacteria including. Salmonella per 25 gam: Nil. Bacilus per gram: Nil


ICPO with soft probe/BCL

The ICPO must be filled (Buyer’s name, full address and full bank coordinates), issued in Letterhead Paper with Stamp, Signed and Sealed my Buyer.


Payment Terms

CIF-RDLC / Conditional, irrevocable, divisible, transferable, assignable and issued or confirmed by Top 25 World Bank (European or American).

Performance Bond

An Operative Performance Bond Guarantee will be provided by the Seller’s Bank earliest and within 05 bank days after Seller’s Bank receipt of an Acceptable Letter of Credit. The Performance Bond shall be sent to Buyer’s Bank and shall be equal to 2,0% (Two per cent only) per Metric Ton based on the acceptable LC Amount.


Societe Generale Surveillance (SGS) Export Inspection Certificate on Quality, Quantity and Weight at Port of Loading at Seller’s Cost.


  1. Buyer issues LOI/ICPO as per item 1.
  2. Seller issues FCO Full Corporate Offer / Draft Contract will all conditions to be signed y Buyer.
  3. Buyer signs the FCO Full Corporate Offer / Draft Contract with acceptance and e-mail back to Seller.
  4. Seller issues Draft Contract to Buyer with full Bank Coordinates.
  5. Buyer will sign Contract after receipt and shall e-mail to Seller (e-mail copies have full Legal Rights). If in Contract, no changes were made by Buyer, Seller shall countersign and return to Buyer. Additionally, Buyer shall provide the Draft LC at the same time, for verification by the Seller’s Bank.
  6. Seller shall issue the Hard-copies and send them to Buyer. Buyer and Seller shall sign accordingly. This should not, however, uphold the opening of the Letter of Credit as the sending of Hard-copies being only an Administrative procedure.
  7. Buyer’s Bank issues NON-Operative Letter of Credit to the Seller’s Bank. In response Seller’s Bank issues POP (Proof of Product) to Buyer’s Bank (This is a Bank communication) and the Seller will post 2,0% (Two per cent) of the LC Value as Performance Bond, activating the Letter of Credit.
  8. Delivery commences 30/45 days.
  9. The visitation is available in the loading port.


The Buyer is of the understanding that any/all offers and/or contracts are subject to successful Seller verification of funds and that said Seller thus has written permission to conduct a soft probe on the Buyer’s account. We request a LOI/ICPO as suggested on item 1.